Do you love cheese, all kinds of cheeses?

Use today to savor and enjoy any of hundreds of varieties of cheese. There certainly is no shortage of varieties. Depending upon what article you read, there is between 900 – 1.400 varieties of cheese, all classified by texture.

It’s easy to celebrate this special day. Set out a tray of several varieties of your favorite cheese and dig in. Having a cheese tasting party with your friends, will make this day a truly memorable one. And, don’t forget the wine. Cheese goes great with cheese.

Happy National Cheese Lovers Day! For cheese lovers worldwide, this annual celebration is like Thanksgiving plus Christmas plus the Super Bowl minus any food regrets.

Life without cheese is really no life at all. So let’s all throw our hands up and thank the cheese god who created the moon (or something like that, right?) and party like Havarti. Today they can all let their freaky cheese flags fly. And tomorrow they can eat exactly the same way, because let’s be real, everyday is National Cheese Lovers Day.

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