Stitch (also known by his species name / “birth” name Experiment 626, pronounced “six-two-six”) is a fictional character in Disney’s Lilo & Stitch franchise. An illegally-made, genetically engineered, resembling a blue koala, he is one of the franchise's two title characters, alongside his adopter and best friend LiLo Pelekai, and its primary protagonist. Stitch was created by LiLo & Stitch co-writer and co-director Chris Sanders, who also voices him in almost all media that he appears in.

Stitch is a blue koala -like alien standing around three feet tall. He has large rabbit-like ears (with asymmetrical notches on the outer rims of each ear—one near the tip of his right ear, one near the base of his left ear—with the back of the ear tips colored indigo), a wide mouth, a round nose, black eyes, a small, short, stumpy tail; three tufts of fur on top of his head and on his chest, aqua countershading around his eyes and from his lower lip extending down to the bottom of his abdomen, four arms (two of which are usually retracted), three retractable spines that run down his back, four sharp retractable claws on each of his front and back paws (hands and feet), two retractable antennae on his head, and abstract indigo markings on his back and the back of his head that vaguely look similar to snow angels (with the back marking having two large "bulges" in the middle that allude to his four arms).

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